Saturday, January 29, 2011

Number 11

We were excited to spend time today with Ben's parents.  They had originally suggested that we go out to try to have a better eagle watching experience, but we decided that it might be fun to accomplish another of our goals with them.  We decided to go to the St. Louis Art Museum.

The Art Museum is another great St. Louis landmark that is located in Forest Park, and it also has free admission.  We met Dan and Ruthie at the museum, grabbed a map, and walked through all of the exhibits.  There were so many beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other artwork, and the museum is in the process of expanding to double the current size.  It will be great to go back in a few years when the renovations are completed!

This was Ben's favorite sculpture - it looks like Mr. Tumnus...
This was Erin's favorite sculpture

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  1. I like Erin's favorite sculpture, too. I think Andrew would agree with Ben's choice.