Sunday, April 29, 2012

Number 19

Ben and I don't usually read much for fun, and Ben has had so much to read for school that it was difficult for us to begin this goal.

We had heard for quite a while that the Hunger Games trilogy was a must read. Ben began reading the first book of the series on a train ride from St. Louis to Chicago, and finished it within a week. When he finished the first book and began the second, he transferred the first book to my iPad. Ben really wanted me to read the first book while the first movie was still in the theaters so that we could see the movie...

I got to the end of the first book shortly after Ben had finished reading the second book. I told him when I finished the first book that I had no interest in reading more of the series because of the level of violence and straight up gore in the first book. Well, Ben convinced me to continue reading.

I read the second book, and we both finished the third book the day after we saw the first movie in the theater. I have told several people that I wish I had seen the movie and not read the books, because (again) I had a really hard time with the goriness of the books.

I think that we're the only ones that feel this way, but the third book was our favorite. If you want to know why, or discuss any other aspects of the trilogy or movie, just let us know!!

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