Saturday, October 2, 2010

Number 16

It has been a dream of Erin's to go to an orchard and pick apples for years.  The fall has come and gone for the last several years, and by the time we knew it the season for picking apples always ended before we could get to an orchard...

We had already planned to spend the night on Friday out in O'Fallon with Ben's parents, and were excited when Andrew called on Thursday night to say that he'd be coming to spend the weekend too.  Ben planned a surprise trip for Saturday morning to an apple orchard in Augusta, Missouri called Centennial Farms.   The weather on Saturday morning was a little bit cold, and kind of overcast - so it really felt like fall :)  Ben, Erin, Andrew and Ruthie all piled into Andrew's KIA and drove about 30 minutes out to the farm.  At the farm this weekend the apples that were ripe for picking were the Fujis.  We picked about 9 pounds of apples, took a hay ride, and enjoyed some hot cider before we left the farm.  It was such a fun morning, and now we have delicious fuji apples to enjoy at home!!

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  1. Cute pictures! Your northwestern PA sister-in-law is very proud of your apple picking :o)