Sunday, August 22, 2010

Number 6

The last thing that we did before we took Maureen to the airport was stop at Crown Candy Kitchen for milkshakes.  We learned about this little treat from the Travel Channel's "Man v. Food."  The host of the show took Crown Candy's milkshake challenge - consume 5 of their super sized, super thick milkshakes in only 30 minutes.  Adam was not up for this challenge, and neither was the guy who was at the end of his own attempt at beating this challenge when we walked in...

We waited in line for a tiny little table inside the retro ice cream parlor/cafe, and sat down for our shakes.  Maureen and Erin both ordered oreo, and Ben got a chocolate banana malt.  The shakes were DELICIOUS, and well worth the stop.  We'd highly recommend that you make this a stop on your next trip to St. Louis!!
Maureen and Erin in line for a table


  1. That place looks awesome! Glad y'all had a fun weekend. Keep flying through the list :)

  2. oooh!! super jealous! hope i get to visit there with you guys, too :o)

  3. I love your list!!! You two are great! I love you both very much!