Friday, August 6, 2010

Number 67

Tonight was the perfect night to cross Number 67 off of our list - Have a Picnic in Forest Park.  We didn't know until moving to St. Louis that Forest Park is the largest City Park in the nation - even bigger than Central Park in NYC!!  We have enjoyed spending as much time as possible in the park this summer, and feel that Forest Park is one of St. Louis' greatest assets.

The weather in St. Louis has been, shall we say, uncomfortable for the last couple of weeks.  It has been over 100 degrees many days, with heat indexes of 110 degrees and higher... Tonight felt like we had left our balmy summertime and fast-forwarded to mid-October.  It was absolutely wonderful to sit outside and enjoy a tasty dinner!  We also enjoyed seeing many other people at the park tonight - picnicing, exercising, and just enjoying the evening.  We'll cherish our memories and enjoy the photos we took tonight, because the high temperatures in St. Louis are going to creep back to the high 90's in the next few days...

Pre-Picnic Ben

Pre-Picnic Erin

The view from our picnic spot - The St. Louis Art Museum

We saw many other picnic-ers too!

The fountains in the lake provided a soothing soundtrack for our picnic :)

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