Sunday, August 22, 2010

Number 4

We went with Maureen this afternoon to downtown St. Louis to visit the Gateway Arch and Westward Expansion Museum.  Maureen purchased three tickets for us to take the "journey to the top" before we left our apartment, so when we got to the Arch we were able to take our time taking lots of photos and learning about this historical landmark.  We stood in line for quite a while waiting to get to the "car" that would take us to the top of the Arch (some of us waited more patiently than others...).
We finally got to the place where we could load onto the "eggs," and watched a short video about the construction of the Arch.  By this time we were all super excited, and we were hoping that Ben wouldn't make good on a threat of releasing some 'perfume' on the way up. 
This wasn't the actual car that we took up, but it was one that you could take photos in on the ground level :)
We piled into the small car with another couple, and took off.  We were surprised at how quickly the climb to the top of the Arch was.  We zigzagged in our little elevator car for about 3 1/2 minutes and then the doors opened.
Maureen and Ben walking into the observation area
The view of the city from observation windows
We stayed at the top of the Arch for about 10 minutes - taking photos and looking out of the windows.  It was really beautiful to see the whole city from this high up!!
630 Feet from the ground!!

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  1. You guys busted through those goals with Maureen! She is quite the motivator! :o)