Monday, July 4, 2011

Number 7

This post is long overdue, but here it goes!!

We weren't planning on staying with Sam for the weekend when Leah decided to make her grand entrance about 3 weeks before her due date :)  It was a Thursday evening when we heard that Abby was having some pain and going to the hospital to check things out.  We immediately told Andrew and Abby that we could pack our things and drive to Chicago at once if they needed someone to stay with Sam while they were in the hospital.  We heard a couple of hours later that it was the real thing, and we got things together and got on the highway at about 10 p.m. to go to Chicago.

We drove through terrible rain and heavy traffic, and we were thrilled when we heard (about half-way through our drive) that Leah May had been born at around midnight.  We arrived at the hospital a few minutes after Andrew and Abby got settled into their room - it was about 3 a.m.  We took keys from Andrew, went to their apartment, and got to bed at a few minutes before 4 a.m.

Sam had been spending the night with some friends of Andrew and Abby's from church, and he came home at about 8 a.m.  It was so fun when Sam saw us at his house - he started jumping up and down and didn't stop for about 30 minutes :)  We were glad to see him too!!

We stayed with Sam for the weekend, and had a wonderful time taking care of him while Andrew, Abby, and Leah were at the hospital.  We loved the weekend, and would love to stay with our nieces and nephews more!!

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  1. We are very thankful for item #7 on your list! You guys were total lifesavers and Sam could not have had more fun while Mommy was in the hospital. We are so grateful for Uncle Benny and Aunt E!