Monday, July 4, 2011

Number 70

I have been very hesitant to post this one, because I have been sure that by posting about our herbs I would jinx them and they would die...  However, the basil and parsley that I planted last summer are still alive and growing!!  So I figure that even if they kick the bucket now, they have more than qualified for meeting this goal :)

I started these guys out as seeds!!  I couldn't (and kind of still can't!) believe that they sprouted and grew so well :)  Our kitchen window is nice and sunny, and I have been carefully watering them every couple of days for the past year.  I have really enjoyed having fresh herbs to sprinkle in dishes from time to time, and it is also nice to have something green and growing in our kitchen :)

The first meal that we enhanced with our basil was home-made pizza.  So delicious!!

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  1. I am very impressed, Erin - I have always wanted to be a person who grows herbs. I have yet to become that mythical creature.